Fresh Out the Box: animation (2nd pass)

Here's what the short film looks like after a couple of passes smoothing out the motion, easing in each of the poses. There are still a couple of passes of polishing still needed and some minor adjustments to the animation. There is a pretty solid feel to the animation at this point and the overall flow of the short is completed. I still might add an intro scene with the computer box on the front step and the character opens the door with curiosity and excitement and brings the box into the house.


  1. Nice, man! Great to see your stuff comin' together ... and THANKS for the feedback on my fledgling sketchwork. Onward!

  2. Yo J. I like it a lot. Can You animate me a resume?... good stuff man. Spect'due, looks like a ton of work. Dang sun! (held back in case of babies) V & <3

  3. supper sir....................